Start A Mobile Power Washing Business

Start A Mobile Power Washing Business

Many Applications In This Business

Start a mobile power washing business is a great start up business. In my younger years I had thought of doing this several times. I like the business a lot because of its simplicity to start up, and how profitable it can be. I also like that power washing can take on many applications, such as, power washing, Rv’s, cars, boats, homes, decks, sidewalks, and all types of pavement Are you a take charge of your destiny type of Individual?, If so this business can put a lot of money in your pocket if you are willing to put in the hours. I see them everywhere working, it’s like they never run out of work.

Get The Equipment

You can do this!  The things you need to get started In this business are not to bad. The biggest expense being a vehicle, heck you may already have one of those right?  I see a lot of power washing businesses with a pick up truck and a trailer.  I seen a guy just the other day with this set up. He had his truck and trailer, and on his trailer he had his power washer, and a great big round plastic tank, you know the ones to hold water.  I think it’s a great Idea, He has his chemicals all mixed up for the day In this tank, and he runs he schedule for that day.  You do not have to have a pick up truck either. Get a towing set up for your car, and buy a trailer the size and weight of course suitable for your car, and your In business.

How Will You Run Your Business

As I mentioned earlier,I like all of the applications for this business. Maybe you choose to only do homes, or you choose to talk with the manager of an RV park near you where his park holds 500 units. You establish yourself in the park and do a nice job, you get all the parks business. Now there is some Income. At possibly, lets say $150.00 per RV, you do the math. My point is you can structure your business on all applications, or create your Niche just doing RV”S. I do not like leaving money on the table, so If John Doe calls and says he needs his deck done, I would say sure John, can I put you on the schedule for next week. This type of business is going to require organization, and being a good scheduler of your upcoming jobs. Once you get going, word of mouth will spread quick, and you will have a ton of business, so be organized.

Things You Will Need

  1.  Reliable Vehicle
  2.  Trailer
  3. Commercial Power washer
  4. Brushes, towels, cleaners, ect
  5. Big water tank
  6. General Liability Insurance  {for power washing business}
  7. Business License
  8. Business Cards
  9. A Website to promote your business, you can start for free building your website.
  10. Passion to want to work for yourself

Final Word

Believe in your self, Invest in your future, Be bold, Be confident, never let anyone say, your gonna fail.  Prove the negative people wrong, after all, they do not pay your bills.  Be successful In life!  I believe in you already! Take the leap and work for yourself!  I truly hope you enjoyed this article and please leave a comment. I hope my article was useful for you.  I was once a young hard working business owner, I owned several. I never quit!  My dad always said, what are you gonna do? You have two choices son “Quit or Be Successful”

I hope you have enjoyed this article and video. Your Insights, and comments are always welcome. Feel free to drop me a note below and I will try and help you the best I can.

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