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Hello Friends,Welcome to my Authors page, James Clark.

I have had a very full life up to this point. I am Married to the love of my life who supports me in everything I do. We have two grown children, a son and a daughter. I enjoy the outdoors, the sunshine, a good cup of coffee, a nice walk, a real good movie, and a good steak from time to time. I have experienced so much in this life from 5 different Businesses I owned, truck driving, and I was also a bouncer for 2 years At a Gentlemen’s club.I enjoy a family who loves me, and I have been blessed to have experienced so much in this life on my terms. I want to share my experiences in this life with you, some good, some very bad, in hopes it may help someone see how positive life can be, and to never Quit. Future books will be coming. I will share with you uplifting, and shocking events that happened In my own life, I hope you enjoy, and I appreciate everyone who chooses to read my books. Feel free to visit my Authors page on Amazon and follow me. You will be able to know each time I come out with a new book.

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I hope you enjoy my Authors Page – James Clark

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