Best Bath Caddy Review

Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray Review

Best Bath Caddy Review

A long bubble bath can be an incredibly relaxing end to a stressful day. And if you are someone who loves to enjoy an evening bubble bath to relax and unwind after a long day, then a bamboo luxury bath tray should be a must-have for you.

Here’s a detailed review on the best bath caddy tray by Royal Craft Wood!

Product Overview

The Royal Craft Wood bath caddy is designed especially to fit any kind of bathtub. It extends from 29 1/2 inches to 43 inches, allowing you to adjust it easily as per your requirements. The tray is fabricated from bamboo wood, a high quality material that is both sturdy and waterproof.

The tray also has a non-slip grip that protects your bathtub and prevents the bath caddy from sliding. But what is best about this product is that it has an impressive range of slots, trays, and accessories. It has side trays, extendable handles, a wine glass holder, a slot for candles, and another slot for tablets, smartphones, or books.

Key Features

>Two side-trays with extendable handles and accessory slots

>Bamboo wood, covered with a thin protective coat of lacquer

>Waterproof material that is ideal for use in a bathtub

>Made of the high quality material, the unique tray is sturdy and built to last a long time

>Adjustable and slip resistant, the tray is specially designed to fit

>Biggest extendable sides of up to 43 inches and silicone grips to prevent it from sliding

>Newest design with a waterproof book or tablet holder and slots for wine glass

>Two removable trays for bath and Spa accessories Comes with a free soap holder


More often than not, one of the most neglected factors when choosing a luxury bath tray is easy cleaning and maintenance. And this is exactly what makes this shower caddy a winning option as it doesn’t take a lot to clean and maintain it. Other pros of this product are:

Excellent design

Adjustable up to 43 inches

Accommodates bathing accessories


100% money-back guarantee

Durable and long-lasting


It is a bit expensive for its range and, therefore, not everyone might find it affordable

It doesn’t come with any sort of gripping to make holding it easier

It’s a Wrap!

The Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray by Royal Craft Wood is one of the most versatile and impressive designs that you can find in the market. And the best part is, the brand offers 100% moneyback guarantee on the caddy. So, if it does not live up to your expectations, you can always return it and get a refund.

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