2019 Selling eBay reviews

2019 Selling eBay Reviews

2019 Selling eBay reviews

Name: eBay

Website: https://www.eBay.com/

Price: Free to join, Monthly final value fees, Insertion fees typically .35 cents

Owners: Interim CEO Scott Schenkel, shareholders


2019 Selling eBay reviews. Founded in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar, eBay is a multinational e-commerce company that provides C2C online sales and services. It is an online shopping Website that connects buyers and sellers throughout the world to conduct transactions on it’s platform. In 2018 eBay boasted 10.7 billion in revenue, and 2.5 billion in net revenue. It’s free for anyone to join. If you are an experienced seller, or a beginner who would like to sell online.Take a look at my 2019 selling eBay reviews.

Pros and Cons


1) ease of use

2) Immediate payment in your verified pay pal account

3) Upload pictures, product details, and description in minutes

4) Your choice in shipping options IE; Worldwide, or just United States, free to buyers option, buyer pays, expedited, standard, USPS, ups, fed ex

5) Sales, because of their worldwide audience

6) Site reliability is excellent, no downtime

7) one of the best self-employed home business options for sellers

8) sellers can expect lots of traffic, again because of their worldwide reach, reputation, and their marketing strategies


1) Not receiving timely feedback from buyers, which in turn helps your score in eBay as a seller

2 they seem to side more with the buyer than the seller when trying to resolve possible product quality complaints by the buyer. Even when, the seller did everything to make the transaction right. IE: quality pictures, details, description, shipping speed, ect.

3) Final value fees as much as 10% depending on the category you are listing in. That gets kinda high.

4) Insertion fees, they will give you 50 free listings per month, after that each listing insertion will cost starting out .35 cents

5) their platform is very large, so you will have competition, I suggest pricing your products to compete with all of them.

Who is eBay For?

You! Seriously, anyone who can navigate on the internet can use the eBay platform. From someone who is cleaning out their closet and wants to make some extra cash, all the way to opening your own eBay store, which BTW you can do also for a flat monthly fee. You can run a small business from your home using eBay. I would say the single stay at home mother could also benefit well from eBay. I believe anyone who puts up quality descriptive product on the eBay platform will make money. The choice is all up to you if you want to sell just a few things from time to time, or go big! 

eBay tools and training

My opinion on both, second to none! eBay makes it easy to use their site. I suggest going to their sitemap to answer any questions you may have on how to list, writing descriptions, relisting your item, categories to list your item, ect. EBay provides you with all the tools you need to list an item.

So much training on how to use their site is at your fingertips.

1) selling center

2) your first listing

3) selling basics

4) seller protection

5) why sell on eBay

6) learn about my eBay

7) your account and settings

8) your selling account

This is just a small snapshot of the training you will get on how to use your eBay selling account.

EBay Support

You will get plenty of help in the eBay platform.

1) eBay community

2) discussion boards

3) groups

4) general announcement

5) seller news

6) feed back forum

7) contact eBay directly

8) payment and shipping

9) membership and account

My Final Opinion Of eBay

In my opinion if you have never sold online and you want to, set up an account on eBay and take a test drive. For me it’s a website that is easy to navigate. It’s a good platform to sell your items and get your money quickly. I do wish that eBay would protect the seller as much as they do the buyer. I would just like to see the playing field leveled. That being said overall I give eBay a strong thumbs up. For me eBay is in my top three best product selling platforms. To see my number 1 product Review,please visit here.

Product Name



Price: Insertion fees, final value fees

Verdict: LEGIT




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