My eBay Selling History {Money to be made}


My eBay Selling History {Money to be made}

My very first sale was pretty neat, my phone made this old cash register sound, cha ching! I jumped up, ran to the wife and said baby we got paid. Now If I recall, It was like $20.00, we were selling pet clothing, but whatever, it was twenty bucks. We did not go to red lobster or anything:) It was just the fact that I set up everything on my own back in 2012 and I had an eBay account. I set up my profile, banking information, looked all over the site map so I could list Items correctly, and I was off and running. This would be the start to my eBay selling history. I was so excited, I was like baby

My EBAY Selling History {Money to be made}

we can put the dog on here… Yep, you guessed it, I got a big no on that:) Money was coming in, There was money to be made, That’s all that mattered.

I Got Paid Now What ?

Now that I could see this eBay thing could make some money, it was time to do a little work. Now I have talked with a lot of people over the years,and a big percentage want to sell a product on line. Then they say, oh, but I do not want to do the shipping thing. I always kinda laugh, you want the money but do not want to get it to the customer who paid you. Well that’s just silly, and shipping is not that hard. If you have never sold on eBay, here is the deal. You can create a shipping label right off the site using your printer. The postage charge is calculated right thru eBay. Now

you have a readable, clean label with all of the buyer’s info, name and address. Depending on what you are selling, size, if its fragile, weight, ect, Invest in some boxes, and or shipping bags, bubble wrap, and shipping tape for future sales. I also suggest stock up on printing paper for future shipping labels. See that’s really not hard now is it? Plus you are totally ready to run your own little eBay store right from your home. Have your stock room filled up, because you will have sales on eBay if your items are priced right.

I Got Big On EBAY

I wanted to sell a good product. I also wanted to sell a product at a higher price point. Lastly, I wanted to sell a product I had passion for, Not a bad Idea right? Let me tell you this if you do decide to sell on eBay, It is a good platform, They market the site well and have for years to millions of potential buyer’s for your product. That being said, no matter what you choose to sell, go all in, be a good seller to your customers. Give them a good product at a good price and you will make money, maybe more than you thought you could. This was the case for me.

As said earlier I started out with pet clothing. I was also starting to dabble in refinishing old furniture. Then I became real interested in old barn wood, and eastern red cedar slabs. I thought, I can make primitive tables, trunks, bookshelves, even kitchen tables, from the barn wood, the cedar slabs I could make beautiful tables and benches also, and sell all of these items on EBAY. I know, your

My EBAY Selling History {Money to be made}

like what??? That’s mighty ambitious Jim, and your gonna pack and ship this heavy stuff?? I know, kinda my wife’s thoughts as well. I made some absolutely beautiful sofa tables, bookshelves, coffee tables, and kitchen tables, from my own home. I would plane the barn wood, sand, stain, ect. I would buy the wood by the trailer load so I would always have stock to stay busy. When a piece was finished I would take quality photos, a great description and post it on eBay for the world to see. My furniture, which by the way I had never made furniture in my life would be bought by folks to enjoy in their homes.

I was pretty proud of that. I made awesome sofa tables from cedar slabs, benches to. The slabs were 2 inches thick, I would sand, and epoxy them as well. Over the course of 4 years I sold and shipped everything I ever posted on eBay. Oh yea, you maybe thinking, you packed this stuff Jim? No, my wife and I packed this stuff. She still not real happy with me to this day. I am kidding of course. We also had a UPS account and they would come pick up the packages when they were ready. Set yourself up an account. That also kept my business at home. I was all about doing my work and not having to travel. So I got big on eBay. We made good money. I stayed focused, I had a plan, I had the drive, and determination, and executed it. You also can sell on eBay and be successful no matter what you are selling and no matter how big or small you want to be. eBay has years set up in its platform and millions who use it daily to buy products.

eBay Fees.

I do not care what platform you are on, or if you set up your own site, their will always be fees to pay when selling online. From domains, hosting service, credit card processing fees, ect. We all have to pay fees in some form if you want to sell online. It’s the cost of doing business. What you can do is research, ask friends, family, and get all the info you can before you choose your platform to sell on.

My EBAY Selling History {Money to be made}

For me the fees on eBay were not so bad and I liked the platform, they literally reach millions of people. You want a platform that will reach millions, this in turn will increase your odds of your products being seen which will = into $$$ PROFITS! I like eBay to this day.

Choose Your Platform

There are literally thousands of platforms to sell on line. Do your research. I have always wanted my own Website to sell my products, Even to this day after using eBay. I have done my research a lot regarding finding a platform to build my own website that will reach millions like eBay and the platform has a great reputation. My main goal still

though is to reach millions and increase my odds of, yep, $$$$ PROFITS! I am currently building a website on a platform I have fell in love with, Feel free to check out my review of it here.

I hope you enjoyed this article,My eBay Selling History {Money to be made} If you ever have any Questions about eBay, or anything, Please feel free to reach out. Your comments and feedback are always welcome.

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