Best Essential Oil Diffuser 2020

URPower Essential Oil Diffuser


Best Essential Oil Diffuser 2020

Best Essential Oil Diffuser 2020

 Breathing cold and dry air is one of those things in life that gives us hardy strength. But continuous breathing of dry air can cause serious health problems. While the effects of breathing dry air might not be felt immediately, it poses a silent threat to our health. The effects range from mild flu and cold symptoms to more serious respiratory issues like asthma or even chronic bronchitis.

All of the afore-mentioned reasons should explain the ever-growing craze about humidifiers and essential oil diffuser. So when it comes to finding the best essential oil diffuser of 2020, there could be no better option in the market than URPower Essential Oil Diffuser.

Read on to find a detailed review on this amazing diffuser!

Product Overview

URPower Essential Oil Diffuser is an easy-to-use essential oil diffuser with a stylish design. All you have to do is add 100 ml of water a few drops of your favorite essential oil. The advanced ultrasonic vaporizing diffusion technology then quietly mists the room with a soothing fragrance up to 6 hours.

The product has two buttons on the front; one controls color and light settings, and the other controls the timer feature. The diffuser comes with an automatic shut off safety system so that the product switches off automatically when it runs low on water to prevent it from being burned out. Despite its small size, it creates a powerful mist that changes the humidity level of a small to medium-sized room.

Key Features

>New version from URPOWER that produces more mist than the previous version

>Comes in 7 different colors to fit any mood

>Adds moist air to rooms and small spaces

>100% pure essential oils with no corrosivity

>Adjustable mist settings

>Nightlight and programmable on/off features

>Continuous and intermittent, whisper-quiet operation

>Great for hampering the adverse effects of dry air

>Prevents the skin from getting dry and chapped Reduces the effects of sinusitis


Ideal for adding moisture to small bedrooms, workplace cubicles, and hotel rooms

Impressive and stylish design

Offers moist air with a fresh clean scent in the room

Great as a nightlight

Programmable on/off cycle with automatic shutoff when water levels run low


Essential oils have to be purchased separately for the diffuser

Some users have reported that the diffuser started to malfunction after a few uses

Adding the oil to the mist might take a few attempts before you can fully master how to twist the container on and off for the oil. That said once you get the hang of it, it becomes effortless

Final Verdict

The diffuser has plenty of features, including multiple timer settings, light intensity controls, and variable mist settings that makes it one of the most sought products on Amazon.

The best thing about URPower Essential Oil Diffuser is that it hits two birds with one stone. If you are someone who wants to give aromatherapy a try while dealing with the dry air issue at the same time, this product is meant for you.

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